I think we can expect another Hardline live record due to fact they gonna perform on Frontiers festival.

I don’t think the wait for news will be much longer, my friend!

So Crush 40 had perfomed Love Leads the Way again. Any videos of that?


Hmm… I couldn’t find any of Crush 40 actually performing it on-stage, but I’ve known of this one for a while. I hope that one makes you happy!

Jeeesus... Ya know, that was even more cruel than your prank about Hardline split.

Gah, I feel like a jerk now; I’m sorry. How about I promise not to do April Fools jokes about Hardline anymore? Or at least, only make April Fools jokes about Hardline that are obviously jokes so they don’t bum anyone out. Sound okay?

Thanks to your april fool's prank, now I really want a cover of Aiming for you Heart on the next album ! Martin in Montreal.

You’re welcome, Martin; let’s hope Johnny makes it happen!

Damn, I was really excited there for a second ....

I’m sorry, my friend; I didn’t mean to get your hopes up just to crush them!

Hopefully, though, Johnny might see this prank and become inspired to work on the album…?? I have no clue, actually, haha…

Was that last thing you said an April Fools joke? It doesn't look like it's on the Frontiers site & the links don't lead to previews. If it is, it was clever... you made me post about it on Facebook. xD

I actually didn’t expect it was a good enough prank to fool anyone! Unfortunately, yes, it was simply a joke, but hopefully my joke will inspire Hardline somehow, haha!


Hardline - Solar Flare
Releases December 3, 2014!

Johnny Gioeli - Lead Vocals
Josh Ramos - Guitars
Joey Gioeli - Guest Rhythm Guitar on re-do tracks
Alessandro Del Vecchio - Keyboards and Backing Vocals
Anna Portalupi - Bass

*Hardline’s original drummer from 1991-1993!!

01. Back in the Ring
02. Lonely Nights
03. My Heart Can’t Take It
04. Feels Good
05. I Will Survive (re-do of unreleased 1993 Hardline track!)
06. Ridin’ to Your Heart
07. Young and Wild Again
08. Aiming For Your Heart (re-do of a Brunette track!)
09. Forever Yours (re-do of a Killerhit track!)
10. Heaven In Your Eyes
11. Still a Bad Taste
12. Double Eclipse (named after the first album)
13. Colorblind (re-do, Japanese bonus track)

Based on these titles and the line-up, it really looks like the return of the bluesy side of Double Eclipse; it’s about time!!


Preview of Tracks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orbjuMHZ4k4

So, yesterday at college, some sort of Battle of the Bands event was taking place, and many students who were part of rock bands were participating. I was preparing to leave for the night, but I stopped to talk for a while with a participant’s father. My iPad happened to play a song off Double Eclipse, “Takin’ Me Down”, and, immediately, the man asked me, “Hey, that’s Hardline, right?”

After freaking out for a few minutes, I revealed to him that Hardline had come back to release three more albums, and excited him with the fact that the next album is intended to bring back the “bluesy side” of Double Eclipse.


In recent interview Johnny said we won't hear any Jiz Rivets stuff. That's a shame.

Yeah… Still, some of the material on Hardline II, notably “Weight”, is a page from that time period in Johnny’s life, so at least we have an idea of what it was like. Who knows? Johnny may even change his mind at some point! Still, I think we should focus more on the great music Johnny will be bringing us in days to come: Crush 40 EP this year!

Where did you find your information about Hardline 5?

In a couple of interviews, Johnny and Ale have mentioned that the next album is in the works, and that they plan to bring back the bluesy side of Double Eclipse with it!